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ARCHITECTURA GROUP INC. was founded in December 2013 by Anna Ma. J. Ferreria–Guevara. Anna Ma. J. Ferreria–Guevara was the senior founding partner of R. R. Payumo and Partners Architects which started in 1987.

With the untimely demise of Ruben R. Payumo in 2013, Anna Ma. J. Ferreria–Guevara incorporated Architectura Group Inc. to continue the vision of the firm to create successful structures in and around the Philippines.

It is well-versed and up to date in the application of the latest computer technologies in architecture as well as in allied services.

It is guided by its design philosophy “to create a successful structure ”. The ultimate mark of the successful structure is balance. Not an innocuous balance that evokes little or no reaction, but a stimulating and dynamic balance that brings proper perspective to all the many complex requirements, controls and limitations inherent in the design of buildings. A balance that displays imagination and creativeness and is tempered with reality. A balance where structure is a fusion of function, material, construction, cost-esthetics and amenities, where investment is related to return. A balance which relates building to site, to community, and to man.